New vaginismus treatment website

vaginismus treatment cure

vaginismus treatment I am very excited to announce the launch of my new vaginismus website: Vaginsmus is a symptom that so many women consult me for, so I wanted it to have own dedicated website. Vaginismus is caused by the clenching of the vaginal muscles, making sex painful or impossible. Because of this, sufferers…

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A cure for vaginismus – ‘Lisa’ tells her story

Lisa’s Cure for Vaginismus – The Thrive Programme Most women who come to see me for a cure for vaginismus feel hopeless and desperate and often can’t quite believe that there is an effective cure for the condition… There really is! The Thrive Programme helps women to understand exactly how they are creating the vaginismus…

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Causes of vaginismus – is sexual abuse a factor?

causes of vaginismus

Causes of vaginismus I received a call yesterday from the concerned mother of a 21 year old girl who has vaginismus, a condition whereby the vaginal muscles tighten making sex painful or impossible. Like most of the women that I treat with this problem, she had tried to seek help previously and had been to…

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