New Video of Vicky who used The Thrive Programme to overcome her 30 year old agoraphobia and emetophobia

The Thrive Programme

Here is a video of my amazing client Vicky who has just finished a course of Thrive to overcome her agoraphobia caused by emetophobia (fear of being sick). Apart from occasional 'safe' trips very close to home, she has been housebound for 30 years. Over that time, she had tried most kinds of therapy to overcome her fear of sick, even appearing on a programme with the Speakmans. Nothing worked until she used the Thrive Programme.

Now, she is able to start doing all those things she didn't even dream of just a couple of months ago, such as visiting friends and family, going to salsa class, going out to restaurants...even wearing heels! After undertaking the Thrive Programme, Vicky has learned how her beliefs and thinking were causing her symptoms and has done incredibly well in challenging her thinking to start living an enjoyable life.

Many emetophobia sufferers doubt there is a cure for their fear - it can seem deep rooted and for most people, they have had it for as long as they can remember. Vicky has had it for 50 years and she's proof that with the right treatment and effort, it IS possible to overcome emetophobia.

Thank you Vicky for sharing your story x