The surprising similarities between vaginismus and other symptoms


If you are struggling with vaginismus, the condition can seem like very complicated and deep-rooted, and very different from other symptoms. However, the reality is that it shares much in common with other physical symptoms and manifestations of anxiety that people can suffer from. If you are anything like every woman that I encounter with…

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Cara’s podcast interview on mental health and The Thrive Programme®

If you are thinking about going through the Thrive Programme® and wondering what to expect, this podcast will help to answer your questions. I was recently interviewed for this podcast by ‘The Grassroots Football Coach’ as part of their series on mental health. The presenter, Mark Rivers (view his testimonial video here), is a recent…

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Cure children’s emetophobia with The Thrive Programme

The brilliant Will smashes his emetophobia with The Thrive Programme! It’s incredibly difficult for the whole family when you have a child who suffers from emetophobia (fear of being sick). It can disrupt everything from their mealtimes, to their schooling, to their bedtime. As it parent, it’s not easy to know how to best deal…

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Actress & Comedienne Susan Earl’s experience of Thrive

I had the pleasure of taking the lovely Susan Earl through the Thrive Programme recently. In a BBC Three Counties radio interview, she discusses her experience of the programme. She says “it’s completely different to something like therapy, I really genuinely enjoyed all the sessions. I’ve always been an avid reader of self help books….but…

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Stop brooding about the past….it doesn’t help!

If you struggle to let go of the past, and often find yourself looking back with regret or anger, the Thrive Programme can help you leave the past where it belongs. You may have noticed that when you feel happy and your self esteem is higher, you rarely think back to the past (unless you’re…

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Overcoming Anxiety in Children – Keira shows how to do it!

anxiety in children

I am very happy to introduce Keira to you – she is ten years old and has just completed the Thrive Programme. She was an absolute joy to work with – in this photo she is proudly wearing her Thrive rose-tinted spectacles! Keira initially consulted with me for high anxiety levels, that manifested in IBS…

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A brilliant way to beat social anxiety in children!

social anxiety children

Social anxiety The aim of the Thrive Programme is to create good self esteem – when we feel good about ourselves, we feel confident around other people. However, when we lack self belief, this often leads to anxiety, shyness and embarrassment around people – this is known as Social Anxiety. Social anxiety can often lead…

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New vaginismus treatment website

vaginismus treatment cure

vaginismus treatment I am very excited to announce the launch of my new vaginismus website: Vaginsmus is a symptom that so many women consult me for, so I wanted it to have own dedicated website. Vaginismus is caused by the clenching of the vaginal muscles, making sex painful or impossible. Because of this, sufferers…

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A cure for vaginismus – ‘Lisa’ tells her story

Lisa’s Cure for Vaginismus – The Thrive Programme Most women who come to see me for a cure for vaginismus feel hopeless and desperate and often can’t quite believe that there is an effective cure for the condition… There really is! The Thrive Programme helps women to understand exactly how they are creating the vaginismus…

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Children with emetophobia: How Molly overcame her fear of sick

treating children emetophobia

Children with emetophobia Below is the video of Molly who came to see me recently for her fear of being sick (emetophobia). At its worst, the phobia stopped her leading a normal life – she had panic attacks that affecting her schooling, what she ate and drank, and would pace the floor at night, fearful…

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