Cara’s podcast interview on mental health and The Thrive Programme®

If you are thinking about going through the Thrive Programme® and wondering what to expect, this podcast will help to answer your questions.

I was recently interviewed for this podcast by 'The Grassroots Football Coach' as part of their series on mental health. The presenter, Mark Rivers (view his testimonial video here), is a recent ex-client who is also able to shed light on the programme from the perspective of a client.

Areas we discuss include:

  • What REALLY is self esteem and how does someone end up with poor self esteem (it may be not what you think!)
  • How our imagination plays a huge role in whether or not we acheive our goals, whether they are around weight loss, sporting challenges, flying without fear, etc.
  • How was create depression and anxiety and poor self esteem and why symptoms don't result directly from negative experiences.
  • How being superstitious can affect our confidence and self esteem.
  • The connection between self esteem and social anxiety.
  • Why men are less inclined to seek help for mental health issues...and how to address that.
  • How long does it take to start feeling better with the Thrive Programme (hint: very quickly!)

Happy listening - I hope you enjoy the podcast!